Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Rules

The Avclub's regular feature, Random Rules, interviews people via their ipod set to random/shuffle, i.e., people get to talk about the first 10 things that come up on their ipod when it's selecting randomly. Since I never use shuffle on my own ipod, the exercise has always seemed a little odd to me. Still, I wasn't sure what I'd get if I tried it, so color me intrigued. Here goes (omitting a dull Kermode/Mayo filmshow podcast):
  1. Don't Hang Up, 10cc
  2. Think, Aretha Franklin
  3. Coney Island Washboard, The Mills Brothers
  4. Sing, The Dresden Dolls
  5. Cry Me A River, Barbara Streisand
  6. Desire, Anna Calvi
  7. Conversations, Cilla Black
  8. My Love, My Life, Abba
  9. More More More, Andrea True Connection
  10. Devil's Got My Woman, Skip James
Hmm, 10/10 with vocals, 7/10 female vocals, 2/10 post-1990.

Small sample problem? Maybe.

My next 10 random selections were Oh, The Divorces!, Tracey Thorn; Theme from Hill St Blues, Mike Post; Step Inside, Cilla Black; Kenne's Soul, Valerie Capers; Equator, Alex Cima; All My Colours (Live), Echo and the Bunnymen; The Well-Tempered Clavier (BK1) Prelude and Fugue 22 in B-flat minor, JS Bach; Celebrate, Rare Earth; Black is the Colour of My True Love's Hair (Jaffa Remix), Nina Simone; Kiss You On The Cheek, Desmond and the Tutus. That's 7/10 with vocals, 4/10 female vocals, 3/10 post-1990 (if the remix of Simone is allowed). Mmmm, that Simone remix:

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