Sunday, July 01, 2012

Ice Choir's I Want You Now And Always

Sounds like a hit from an undiscovered John Hughes movie. Pretty great in other words (although I'd like the Sundays-style guitar in the middle eight to continue, and I suspect that the harmony vocal in the final chorus could have been explored further, e.g., used earlier in the song, possibly completely on the beat, and then more extensively elaborated at the end). I'd like to think IWYNAA could be a hit in 2012, but what do I know? I was staggered at how little chart traction and action all of Robyn's Body Talk hit-candidates such as Hang With Me and Indestructible got back in 2010.

Update 1: Having tracked down and listened to a couple of other Ice Choir tracks, I can report that they're less compelling and endearing than IWYNAA. Still, even if IC's currently only got one big hit in 'em, here's hoping a killer song can still find an audience (but maybe luck will be required: being used in an ad., appearing on Gossip Girl, and the like).

Update 2: Thinking on IWYNAA a little more, it's not a million miles removed from a Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin track I liked enough to make a Bringing Up Baby-themed vid. for a while back:

Update 3: My own vid for IWYNAA:

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