Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Girls Season 1: Some Questions

  1. What about the lies Adam told Hannah about HPV testing?
  2. What about the 'Hannah's Dad is gay' idea?
  3. How is Hannah planning to keep the apartment that Marnie's been paying for? Hannah needs a flat-mate who'll cover her share of the rent. Good luck with that! Did the show not stress this point because then having Adam move in would have made too much sense just on a practical level (i.e., Hannah's offering the room to someone else would then look certifiable)?
  4. Hannah's old writing prof. says that Tally (Hannah's nemesis) is a terrible writer, but Marnie liked Tally's book. Are we supposed to conclude that Marnie is lacking in judgement and taste? 
  5. And how is an Oberlin prof. on the scene so conveniently in NYC?
  6. Jessa's marriage can't be serious. Neither can Marnie's throwing herself at tubby, bombastic wedding guy. Was a shark jumped? 
  7. And why in the original 'threesome' ep. didn't the unimpressed Jessa just leave and wish Marnie well in her effort to get laid by Thomas John? (And is that guy's ridiculous name a clue that none of this whole side of the narrative is to be taken seriously?) That Jessa would insist on, as it were, vag.-blocking her friend seemed quite out of character for her. 
  8. Does this show and its characters make even basic sense?
Update August 1, 2012. And a Non-question:
  • Why are Hannah's friends and broader peer-group so white? Good god. Lena Dunham should be allowed to write about what and whom she knows. Her world's a little narrow and bordering-on privileged. So was Jane Austen's. So is Richard Curtis's. Comedy thrives under these kind of self-imposed constraints. Don't like it? Don't watch it. Make your own show. Stop whining.

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