Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The View From 1932

A fairly standard, e.g., here and here, broad-brush way of understanding the 20th Century holds that the main line of world economic development (via the formation of global supply chains, communications networks, relative borderless markets for both labor and capital, and comparative advantage working on the grandest possible scale) came to a screeching halt with the outbreak of WW1 in 1914 only to restart with a vengeance in 1989-1990. See
I'm starting to wonder whether there aren't larger cultural continuities with that pre-WW1 period. For example, Darwinism/nature is back big-time, and nurture (and some of the utopian social theorizing that went with it) is history. Is there anything else like that? Got any thoughts? links?

Just got around to renting V for Vendetta. I was shocked: it's tedious, (cinematically and otherwise) illiterate trash. Avoid (the cartoon Road to Serfdom can be read in under 5 minutes, has more content, and is better looking). Sin City is the only successful (and, be warned, sick-as-hell) graphic-novel/artsy comic-book film adaptation in my view.

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