Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jeff Buckley

Like many people, I've been listening to and thinking about Jeff Buckley a lot this last week. Thanks to C4 for their Buckley coverage last weekend.

If JB isn't a character in your world then go here for an introduction. What an incredible loss. Elliott Smith has meant more to me personally over the years (I saw ES once - he was terrible! An amazing recording artist and writer tho'.), but it's clear that JB had more gifts than him, probably more than anyone else. His voice and guitar playing had a special freedom... a pop-folk Coltrane (who died at 40) perhaps. How sad that JB never got to make his Love Supreme or Blue Train. That was coming. Grace isn't it, it's a great, bitsy, light-the-blue-touchpaper kind o' record, exciting for what it is but much more so for what it portends... in a future that was never realized. Too damn bad.

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