Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Who's the mocking, blonde cutie in Stage Door (1937)?


Anonymous said...

Ginger Rogers mother was a very strong and influential woman by the name of Lela Rogers. She ran something called the "Little Theater" over at RKO studios. This is where most of the starlets at RKO trainded... the ones who could act anyway. The blonde cutie is probably from Lela's "Little Theater". Could be a friend of Ginger or another girl being groomed by RKO executives at the time.

plague said...

Thanks for that info. Anon! I've only recently come around to fully appreciating Ginger Rogers (she's now up with Stanwyck for me as an absolute fave I'll watch in anything). Your note suggests that I need to read a good biography of her pronto - that she and her mom may have had an incredibly broad impact on the industry. Anyhow, off to google 'Lela Rogers' etc.. Thanks again.