Monday, March 12, 2012

Audrey Hepburn Leotard Collage

A collage of some dance training/stretching publicity stills shot by Bob Willoughby, one of Audrey H.'s favorite photographers on the set of Green Mansions (1959). Audrey's almost 30 at the time of these shots yet looks barely a teen! In the film Audrey H. plays a wood-nymphy, S. American Indian girl (who's burned to death in a tree at the end of the film, only to reappear in spiritual form!). Arguably AH was too inherently urbane and refined for that role. The leotarded publicity shots (which appeared in McCalls Magazine) feel like an attempt at a bait and switch on the audience, and as a partial acknowledgement that no one really wants to see (or believes) Audrey as a wild child cut off from culture and fashion.

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