Friday, December 23, 2011

My fave 18 tracks of 2011

Like most people, much of the music that's really grabbed me in 2011 was released long ago, and is just mostly new-to-me. So, old albums by Amy Winehouse, Brothers Johnson, Carla Bley and Paul Haines, Chet Baker, Clifford Brown, Clothilde, Evelyn King, Expressos, Fleetwood Mac, Fox, Harold Grosskopf, Holly and the Italians, Husker Du, Kanye West, King Crimson, Lalo Schifrin, Lou Reed, Moev, The National, The Shangri-Las, Sonic Youth, and 5th Dimension are a lot of what's really moved me this year.

I tend to encounter current releases more at the level of singles and through vids (on tv or on youtube). Here are my 1-18 fave new tracks (Q. Why 18? A1. Fits on a cd. A2. After 18 I found myself repeating artists, which made for a less interesting list.) Some of these records have been played to death at this point, so a high placing here doesn't necessarily capture how I feel about a given song now, rather it registers how the track impacted on me initially. That is, I rate a song highly for list purposes just if it (and/or its vid.) rocked me back on my heels and dominated my mental space for some period. Rihanna's and Lana Del Rey's songs and vids, in particular, just did blow me away for several weeks each, hence they're my songs of the year:

We Found Love Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
Video Games Lana Del Rey
Somebody That I Used To Know Gotye ft. Kimbra
Queen Of Hearts Fucked Up
Blackout Anna Calvi
Holocene Bon Iver
Rolling In The Deep Adele
Motivation [Lil B] Clams Casino
Everything Goes My Way Metronomy
Keep You Class Actress
Countdown Beyonce
Winter Beats I Break Horses
Novacane Frank Ocean
Crystalline Björk
Dirt Wu Lyf
A Real Hero
College ft. Electric Youth
Need You Now Cut Copy
Gucci Gucci Kreayshawn

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