Wednesday, June 22, 2011

iMovie and iDvd '11 are pieces of crap

Just to begin with:
  1. Chaptering within movies is crippled
  2. Positioning and resizing of images in 'drop zones' and menus is crippled
  3. No frame-grabbing of images from videos
  4. It's almost impossible to add transitions without increasing project duration (often apparently by random amounts - this has to be seen to be believed)
All of these very basic functionalities were available even in iMovie '04 on my previous iBook, so Apple has gone out of its way to make recent versions of its programs almost unusable (unless you don't mind creating movies and dvds that look absolutely terrible).

Also, more generally, both programs have work flows that are dumbed down to an incredible degree. Using them is like being trapped in software Idiocracy. What an appalling company Apple has become: rich, abusive towards its users, contemptuous of norms of incremental and logical design.

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Bojwolb said...

iDVD just utterly pisses me off! Talk about a real buggy piece of shit sorry excuse for software! The first(after what I experienced with it, the last) time I used it, I just wanted to use iDVD to simply make a disc image of what I wanted to burn onto a DVD at a later time. No menus at all, just the movie itself. I've done it before with other software on Windows & Linux in the past rather easily. So, I thought it would be no problem this time around. After researching how to do it online with iDVD, I tried using the 'OneStep DVD using a movie' option from the 'File' menu and then add the movie that I wanted for that disc image. iDVD would have nothing of that! It kept on saying that I needed to select some 'dual layer' option from some drop down menu somewhere(I forgot where). Well, when I go there to select 'dual layer,' from that drop down menu, the whole friggin' drop down menu is greyed out for some reason. Now, I cannot make my disc image at all. Thank God I have Windows XP running on my Mac via a virtual machine, leaving me with several Windows options that I know will actually work for me.

As for my experience using iMovie, I must say, apart from having to disable that stupid 'Ken Burns effect' option for EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN' FRAME in the movie I wanted to make, that iMovie produced better results for me. Wouldn't you think that there would be an option that you could select only ONCE to disable that whole 'Ken Burns effect' altogether for the whole entire movie you were trying to make!? It's like Apple is trying to shove Ken Burns' dick down our throats & into our ass, whether we want it or not! Nevertheless, if I ever need to make another movie again, I will not use iMovie again. I'll probably end up having to use a Windows option via XP running on my virtual machine on my Mac.

Talk about Apple catching the ball and then dropping it in regards to the whole multimedia editing thing! How sad.