Sunday, April 24, 2011

That NbNW 50th Anniversary Edn Cover Image

Many people have observed that the image of Cary Grant (above) on the cover of latest dvd and blu-ray editions of North by Northwest is from a Plaza Hotel scene and not from the apparent plains/crop-duster scene (that Grant's jacket is never buttoned out on the plains is a dead give-away!). But I've never seen the exact source image anywhere (for example, it doesn't turn up in any obvious google image search). Filling that gap, here it is (albeit in non-optimal quality):

I found the image in the cd booklet from the 1995 release of North by Northwest's original, Herrmann-conducted soundtrack. I suspect, however, that it's a publicity still rather than a frame-grab from the film, so it may well be available elsewhere and in better quality, e.g., in dvd extras of publicity materials. (I've misplaced my NbNW dvd so can't check this currently!)

Update April 26, 2011: On an even lighter note...

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