Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Radiohead

The second half of Kid A and the first half of Hail to the Thief having a baby = can’t keep my eyes op….zzzz. I don't want to pull a Nick Hornby, but this music does produce a very specific, 'shutting-down' physiological response in me. I hope that Radiohead intended this - a last-thing-at-night-on-the-ipod record. I listen to a lot of minimalist music, and it very rarely affects me this way. Wake us up please Ms Welch:

Update Feb. 20: OK, King of Limbs sounds a lot better and more interesting through headphones (or, I assume, loud through really good speakers) than it did at moderate volume through computer speakers. In general, it does seem to me now that there's enough here to reward rapt attention to micro-details over months. Not the sort of thing most (or even any other) bands can count on of course, but it's good to be Radiohead! For myself, however, I think I'll always struggle to stay awake through KoL. Since I'm always in the market for a good soporific/anti-insomniac, I'll regularly use it that way; late at night on ze ipod. For music that's to be consciously enjoyed, however, I'll have to look elsewhere. Catching up with Florence (does she remind anyone else of Jenny Lewis? doesn't her presence kind of fuse Lewis with the Watson Twins' height and quasi-hauteur?), processing the new PJ Harvey, getting into both Anna Calvi and The Pierces, looking forward immensely to the new Lykke Li... all these clever, intriguing, striking gals. Is it just my imagination or is pop music overall, and at every level overwhelmingly female these days (and certainly much more that way than it's ever been before)?

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