Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 should be the year of Robyn

Rarely has a pop-star been as appealing as Robyn. I have a personal bias: Robyn's facial structure often reminds me of Frida's from Abba (see Anni-Frid Princess Reuss of Plauen at left!), but one would have to be completely blind/deaf to pop-charm to not be moved and impressed by Robyn on Xmas TOTP or in her Be Mine vid. In 2010 Robyn has returned with her Body Talk project spread over three cds. That project has both chamber pop and Kraftwerk-inflected, bratty hip-hop sides, which will grow on different people at different rates I suspect, but in an era of ear-scraping, gimmicky, shouty, chanty pop, a couple of relatively simply sung, song-of-the-year (in any year) candidates (from Robyn's heart-breaking-chamber-pop strong suit) goes a long way:

Who doesn't want to hang with Robyn in this vid.? But who could trust themselves not to fall recklessly headlessly in love with her? Pop genius!

Three gems from Body Talk's final installment:

Body Talk's overall menu of songs may not be quite polished enough for it to go down as an all-time classic (I'm not convinced yet that it's Abba: The Album or Off The Wall or Lexicon of Love or Night Falls over Kortedala), but it's very, very good, and a candidate for pop-dance album of the year.

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