Thursday, February 11, 2010

Abba's 'That's me' gets Daft Punked

Abba's Dancing Queen had a terrific B-side, That’s me (both tracks are on the classic album Arrival). That's me is a great song, but it has an infamous, embarrassing/discomforting main couplet:
I’m Carrie not the kind of girl you’d marry/ That’s me.
That’s a very painful/exposed note to strike in a pop song (one that's very characteristic of later Abba as it happens). At any rate, a recent, v. fun, 7 min dance remix of That’s me solves this problem (such as it is) in a very Daft Punk-y way: dilate on the sing's piano riffs and underlying rhythms then use the two word title bare, i.e., just omit all the Carrie/marry stuff, along with all of the great, swoopy music-hall verses). Pain, be gone! Let's dance! Here's the nifty vid.:

Amazing how potent even very thinly-sliced Abba is. There's no reason why this couldn't be a huge hit tomorrow if properly released.

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